Things I didn’t know about OZ

Unsealed roads: you don’t really want to know where they lead. Not without a 4WD.

Sightseeing in Australia might lead you to absolutely irrelevant places. A few examples: industrial compounds; heaps of stones; cubic monuments in the middle of nowhere.

Despite what you are told, Aussie friends, OZ is not under threat of invasion from ‘boat people’ – gosh, did 60% of you people really say that the government should adopt a tougher response on them!? – just check the figures.

To clarify #6: Yes, asylum-seekers – or ‘boat people’, like they call them – attempting at entering OZ illegally are sent to detention centres located in Papua New Guinea (on Manus Island) and Nauru.

To clarify #5: Abbott – as dumb a guy as he may seem (be?) – has not invented the offshore detention centre policy ‘welcoming’ asylum-seekers. Mandatory detention was instead the bright initiative of Keating’s Labor administration (1992).

MP Andrew Wilkie recently wrote to the ICC (International Criminal Court) to denounce Abbott and his cabinet of crimes against humanity with regards to the treatment of asylum-seekers.

Until 1972, the principle of White Australia sought to restrict immigration to European (even better, British) nationals. Beware of the yellow peril!

Yes, Australia was the first and more eager country to join US in its very dubious War on Terror, regularly and consistently buying and repeating every single lie Bush’s administration provided. Oh man, Howard is by far my favourite Aussie PM!

#2 bis
1951 ANZUS treaty is NOTHING like NATO: its wording is so vague that no obligation whatsoever exists over the US to come rescue OZ, in any case. I have no idea what purpose it served and serves, a part from dragging OZ in US wars.

The 1951 ANZUS treaty – a thing they came up with as a sort of NATO counterpart in the Pacific – was invoked for the first time by PM John Howard in 2001 literally the day after 9/11. That’s basically how Australian soldiers were sent to Afghanistan and, later, Iraq.

Australia joined the US in the Vietnam war – this is hardly news, especially after 40 years – but what you might not be aware of is that the Australian government urged the US to get involved “at a time when President Johnson was wavering” (E.M. Andrews, 1988) – Well done Menzies!

Important Note:
This page has NOT the aim to diminish or mortify Australia or Australians – as any other country, Australia embarked in positive as well as in questionable enterprises and policies (Italian history is a constellation of embarrassing moments – if I had to start a list it’d take up centuries, but our epic fails are known well enough around the globe, OZ’s a little less). I just provide some points that are maybe little known, even if I’m sure Australians do know when and in what circumstances their governments embarrassed them.

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