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An Iraqi photographic project: Map of Displacement

“When you know you are doing something so important – something that is going to be a historical archive, something entirely new produced by local photographers, something that is going to offer an innovative way to tell and read stories – you are willing to invest in it. It was a unique opportunity. No one was going to tell that story the way we wanted. International media, even the most attentive, just scratched the surface of the story. When you come across a story like that, you have a responsibility. You can’t back out. This is why we do this job.” Continue reading

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Turkey and Israel: Real rapprochement?

The energy factor behind the normalisation of relations. I had a chat with fellow SOAS alumnus and dear friend Matteo Colombo, ISPI researcher, to enquire into the thawing of relations between Ankara and Tel Aviv. My article for L’Indro briefly recalls the previous episodes in Turkey and Israel’s on-again, off-again relationship. Turkey’s strategic re-alignment is … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia and Muslim Brotherhood

A matter of strategy Saudi Arabia and Muslim Brotherhood relationship is changing yet again. Geo-strategy is the reason behind rapprochement. What consequences can be expected? King Salman, obsessed with the struggle against Iran, seems to be willing to recruit the Muslim Brotherhood in his Sunni front. However, Hasan al-Banna’s ideology runs contrary to everything the … Continue reading

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Palestinians from Syria: Recurring displacement

Host countries turn Palestinians back They are among the most vulnerable victims of the Syrian crisis. Besieged in their camps within Syria, they face typhoid and starvation. Host countries in the region turn them back. Palestinians from Syria are forced to leave their homes, once again. In host countries they are discriminated against, face abuse, … Continue reading

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Wave of violence in Israel: inside perspectives

Daniel Seidemann and David Shulman’s analyses Two bleak commentaries on the latest wave of violence in Israel. They condemn the Government and society, and warn: We are close to the point of no return. Danny Seideman Warns: The periods between the eruptions or the conflagrations will be shorter, and each round will more convulsive and … Continue reading