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Europe and the Middle East beyond identity politics – with Ilan Pappé

Setting the background. Do you know who Ilan Pappé is? I’ll briefly introduce him: Israeli historian born in 1954, he studied with the like of Albert Hourani and Roger Owen (who I had the chance to meet at SOAS in 2010). He’s a rather controversial personality, constantly at the centre of heated debates and very little … Continue reading

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On public shaming

Here we go again, Frau Merkel scolding France and Italy. A new iron lady to replace Margareth Thatcher with a touch of Teutonic spirit. Too slow, too sluggish, too little scharfe. No, it’s not nice to be publicly subjected to a reprimand. And indeed is quite interesting to see France, Germany’s co-pilot for so long (remember when … Continue reading

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Do you know Serge Latouche? The ‘happy degrowth’

Do you know Serge Latouche? Born in 1940, the French philosopher and economist is the theorist of the ‘happy degrowth’. So what? So, being on average politically apathetic people we wouldn’t give a damn, we strongly believe in saving our grey matter from the exhaustion caused by challenging thoughts and intellectual exercises. But. But the … Continue reading