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Costas Lapavitsas writing on The Guardian about Greece hopes and plans for a new Europe

A spark of hope for the whole Europe: “The Syriza government is inexperienced, but it would be a mistake to think of it as a group of agitators picking fights with all and sundry. What it is actually doing is applying the “line” – in old-fashioned leftwing terms – by which it won power. To be specific, it is applying the “good euro” line claiming that the European monetary union, and indeed the EU, could be radically transformed from within. The leadership of Syriza has absolutely no intention of pulling Greece out of the EMU. Furthermore, it believes that the costs of “Grexit” would be so severe that Europe would not force Greece out of the common currency. On this basis it thinks that if a powerful alliance of leftwing forces emerged across Europe, the nightmare of austerity could be ended, the debt burden could be assuaged across the continent, policies to increase employment could be adopted, and the welfare state could be re-strengthened. Europe would be transformed.”
As Italians, we are used to see no facts following words and promises, let’s see if Greece can be a guiding light as it used to be so long ago.

Syriza has bold solutions to the forces of austerity that are strangling Europe

P.S. Proud to say the author and Syriza MP is a SOAS academic.


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