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The Telegraph’s David Blair reporting Stoltenberg’s worries about Russian warplanes

Provided that The Telegraph is clearly biased and that’s blatant in the wording and in the lexical choices of the article (it’s definitely NOT my favourite newspaper), it made me think of my long standing question about Russian marginalisation and isolation. As I said elsewhere, squabbling with Russia in a revival of the Cold War is not a good idea. Russian feelings of distrust and exclusion from the Western bloc is not entirely delusional and has a long tradition. Just as a reminder: Kennan in 1946 wrote to Truman about the traditional and instinctive sense of insecurity that dominated the Russians and inspired their course of action – in the same ‘long telegram’ he envisaged a policy of containment. Is NATO bound to resume the role of Russia’s watchman? Do we need a more conciliatory attitude towards Russia? Does Russia really represent a danger for European stability? I think there are no straightforward answers to these questions. I keep asking, even so.

Russian warplanes risking safety of European airliners, says NATO chief: Jens Stoltenberg, the new secretary general of Nato, tells the Telegraph that more Russian military jets are flying over Europe without contacting air traffic control, raising the risk of mid-air collisions.


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